Thursday, July 06, 2006

No more Griefing Widows OS! Bliss is...

...having a linux distribution recognize your obscure under-the-counter criptoshitty excuse for a modem/router without even trying. I think I may be dual-booting into Ubuntu from now on. Though I'll try the new knoppix first to see if it also works as well - Ubuntu really drives me up the wall with (what at first sight seems to me to be) its PC bullshit posing. I do not need to hear Nelson fucking Mandela telling me to hug the fucking trees! All I want is a proper OS!

All this because I was so horribly tired of using Adobe's horribleness on the Widows-toy OS (I'm suffering from a bad case of evince-envy and foxit is good but not free...)


OMWO said...

Of course, if Ubuntu fucks up my MBR, I'm gonna go postal on Mother Fucking Theresa!

that'll teach'em tree huggers!

(I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me today, I need some sensitivity, I need a, I need a chainsaw to tear down all the damn hug-monopolizing-trees >:->)

(I'm sorry, it's just that I have a colour allergy: show me too much pink and I always start seeing red :p)

OMWO said...

I used to have Linux installed in the old days, when you had to make a pact with the devil for it to even run on your platform, and you had to hand-compile the kernel...with chopsticks!

But it's the first time it actually works with all my shitty hardware! Now it is finally usable! Thank you, oh random nonexisting deity!

OMWO said...

correction: foxit is "free as in free beer but not free as in free speech"