Saturday, November 12, 2005

Subway Invasion

Well, let's see...thanks to this fellow called Stejahen, I bumped into this fellow called Cully, who also goes around drawing people on the subway and other such places. Cully furthermore reminded me of this Tom guy (and his minions :)), and pointed out this lady called Miyuki, who both also indulge in our rather curious addiction. And, come to think of it, I remember now this Portuguese guy called António Jorge Gonçalves, who, it seems, actually got paid to go around the world drawing subway life. I'd actually hate him for it (human jealousy being what it is) if he wasn't also the guy who co-authored (with Rui Zink) this wonderful graphic novel called "A Arte Suprema", that I enjoyed so much...

So, my point is...aren't we crowding the subway already? All these guys, going around on the underground with their ballpoint-pens and mechanical pencils hidden beneath their long charcoal-dusty trenchcoats? What if we meet by chance? Do we draw (yes, I know) "swords" and sketch each other into submission, "In-the-end-there-can-be-only-one!"-style? :)

Or maybe just team up and terrorize the poor commuters. :)

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hfm said...

Obrigada pelas dicas apesar de já conhecer o Cully.