Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bush-TV, or: I could use some help here

Illustration: the Cheney-Bus

I know how I'll get some help on this BusTV thing: I'll just misspell it "Bush-TV" and I'll have the Portuguese Communist Party all over it! :)

After all, it shouldn't really be too hard to make a CIA connection plausible - Dick Cheney, that paladin of human rights (and grand inquisitor), did say that torture is ok under extreme circumstances, and Bush-TV is just an example of that policy (it is certainly torture and what could be more extreme than greed?)

Now, a bit more seriously, I know that this cause doesn't look as glamorous as, say, stopping the war on Iraq or ending world hunger or something, but it has a few advantages over that:

1) It is a local issue that you can actually win! Actually winning once in a while would be refreshing for morale, don't you think?

2) This is actually a skirmish in a big, important battle:

Most of my left-wing friends complain that the common citizen is not "politically aware". That means, in PC-slang, "these assholes don't think". Well, how can they? They are working all day, they are submerged in TV all night, they can only think during their commute! Why do you think they placed TVs on buses? People must not be allowed to leave their stupor, otherwise they might start to hear voices in their heads! Dangerous, alien, forgotten voices: their own thoughts. Silence, that dangerous vaccum, must be crushed at all times.

This is a battleground were you should not give an inch. And you are standing by while you lose once more crucial ground to what you would call the forces of capitalism ( or something like that - I think it is rather corporate feudalism, but I shall not argue over that right now).

Wake up. Small, real battles, is where the action is. Revolutions are won one small skirmish at a time.

Sheep of the world, Unite! :)

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