Thursday, October 27, 2011

a womb full of guillotines

Art as therapy?

Art as a molotov cocktail. Art as a flame thrower. Art as a knife wound. Art as a womb full of guillotines, ready to give birth. Art as a curse upon the halls of impunity, to hound them for a thousand years. Anthony took the hands of Cicero, but still they strangle the neck of his memory, and Cesena still burns in the hell Michelangelo painted for him.

They must learn to fear Art again.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

On the ongoing occupation of Wall Street

Regarding the criticism that "the movement hasn't got a well-defined, clear message":

Direct action is the message. The discomfort for the people in charge is the message. The formulation of clearly stated objectives (hard in a truly spontaneous movement) is not as important as the creation of hardship and discomfort to the people in charge. The single message is: you have made our lives hell, we will make your lives uncomfortable until *you* figure out what needs to be done to make us happy enough to stop.

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