Sunday, November 19, 2006

Poison Green Bubble, or Muck Run Amok

What a lovely, poisonous green. Had to run to snap it before it changed hue and finally burst. Such wonders and more are held in store for the lucky one who volunteers to clean the kitchen sink for me. Come and gather ye all, who shall be the lucky one?

15 Minutes with my Right Hand

It is almost impossible to do an honest blind drawing that is devoid of some aesthetical value. Why?

Fact: Proprioception is plastic in the adult human.

Theory: When you do an honest blind drawing you are not pretending but are actually touching (no "" allowed, the frst quality of a hypnotist is the confidence of his delusion) the object, this is a direct connection between the visual brain and the muscles of the hand, unmediated by any CPU processing. There is no mental exertion during an honest blind drawing. This is lovemaking untrammeled by doubt. This is a footnote in cybernetics. And the muck that stays on the paper is a physical trace of the act of touching through action-at-a-distance. The detailed report of a massage. The worldline of a caress. Hence its automatic aesthetical/sensual value. We all love to watch.

The drawing above: I did it in 15 minutes, alone, with my right hand. Try not to spoil the philosophical moment by thinking up gutter puns on that motif.