Friday, June 24, 2011

Atlas Relieved

A couple of friends had a paper coming out (on game theory) and I got asked to contribute an illustration. The paper has to do with the tragedy of the commons and how to elicit cooperation while facing the possibility of a common catastrophic risk. The drawing I came up with is loosely based on the style of the ancient Greek vases, and depicts old Atlas getting some help from a few enlightened mortals. The dice are an obvious reference to probability and risk, and the graph on the bottom left comes straight from the paper itself. There is very little acuracy intended on the world map - geography was sacrificed to design and the deadline - a hecatomb, if you will, to Chronos and the Muses :)

The drawing was used as an illustration to the paper's press release.  

As for materials, it is pure digital (no pencil preliminaries), hand-drawn with a wacom pen on the screen of my more-or-less-trusty HP pavillion tx2000.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Refrescos no Largo Camões (Refreshments at Camões square)

Another drawing from the refreshments stand at Camões square.

Outro desenho do quiosque de refrescos no largo Camões.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pessoa no Largo Camões

(um desenho que fiz em tempos para uma competição do quiosque de refrescos)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Crimes and misdeweiners

On the irrelevance of a congressman's misdeWeiner:

Congressmen, senators, and presidents are routinely in bed with banksters, wall streeters, and lobyists of all sorts - and this corruption is the new normal - but let them try to get some actual sex - real or virtual!- and they are doomed to disgrace: theirs is the maoist ritual of weeping public apology and humiliation, followed by "treatment" (for what? having a libido? - and is "treatment" the new word for "reeducation"?). The new model politician seems to be the robber monk. By all means, people, keep worrying where congressmen stick their weiners while ignoring their hands stuck deeply in your pockets.