Friday, June 24, 2011

Atlas Relieved

A couple of friends had a paper coming out (on game theory) and I got asked to contribute an illustration. The paper has to do with the tragedy of the commons and how to elicit cooperation while facing the possibility of a common catastrophic risk. The drawing I came up with is loosely based on the style of the ancient Greek vases, and depicts old Atlas getting some help from a few enlightened mortals. The dice are an obvious reference to probability and risk, and the graph on the bottom left comes straight from the paper itself. There is very little acuracy intended on the world map - geography was sacrificed to design and the deadline - a hecatomb, if you will, to Chronos and the Muses :)

The drawing was used as an illustration to the paper's press release.  

As for materials, it is pure digital (no pencil preliminaries), hand-drawn with a wacom pen on the screen of my more-or-less-trusty HP pavillion tx2000.


Sara Simões said...

Um dia destes o senhor matemático vai dar em ilustrador editorial! Bom trabalho!!

E já agora, aqui fica uma piadita para ires ver:

António Araújo said...

Thanks! :))

E obrigado pela piada! Fez sorrir o geek que mora dentro de mim :D