Thursday, November 10, 2005

Krazy Kansas Kristians are the retard relative nobody likes to acknowledge

Am I the only one to find it strangely disturbing, even somewhat titilating, when the Vatican State shows itself to be more progressive than the State of Kansas?

Kansas Board goes Overboard:

The Kansas Board of Education approved new science standards for teachers in public schools Tuesday that question Charles Darwin's teachings on evolution and hand a victory to advocates of "intelligent design." (...) The board's 6-4 vote reverses a 2001 decision that affirmed Darwin's theory of natural selection. That vote came two years after most references to the theory were removed from state standards, making Kansas the butt of jokes by scientists and late-night comedians. (USA TODAY)

Holy Trinity, PopeMan! PopeMobile to the rescue!

Vatican issued a defence of Darwinian evolution at a news conference Thursday.
In what many are calling a direct attack on the rising support for fundamentalist creationism in America, Cardinal Poupard, head of the Vatican Pontifical Council for Culture, stated that the Genesis description of God's creation of the universe and Darwin's theory of evolution are "perfectly compatible" if the bible is properly interpreted.(Wikinews)


OMWO said...

Although apparently you should not expect such moderation from the grand inquisitor himself. According to some, he's still just as busy as ever playing Torquemada on his own private neverending halloween party. Though you should consider the source...

OMWO said...

Oops! forgot to include the actual piece in the comment above:

Pope Echoes Arguments of Intelligent Design Advocates

OMWO said...

Indeed you should consider the source. Another, very different perspective here.
There are no real contradictions, just people focusing on different things, and the people at beliefnet taking unwarranted conclusions to suit their tastes. Clearly it seems the Vatican wants nothing to do with America's strain of christian fundamentalism.