Monday, November 28, 2005


One of the most surreal ads on BusTV, currently, is the one by SOS racismo, a Portuguese organization against racism. Why surreal? First because the whole ad is based upon a childish music that registers on the high frequencies and gets into your head in a truly horrid way. Really, on a bus it sound so condescending, I have hallucinations about being treated like one of those poor old men that fall into those terrible nursing homes that treat them like children - or like sheep. Second, because it is quite amazing that a supposedly humanitarian association should torture citizens like this.

Don't you realize that your little ad does nothing but make people angry - and therefore turn them against you, and, by association, against your cause? Why do you share ad space usually reserved for parasites like Cofidis and friends? Are you just another money-grabbing corporation?

The only way your ad connects with your cause is that it is truly - dare I say it? - indiscriminate. Like Carpet bombing.

Is that what you mean by being against discrimination? That you torture all citizens in the same measure, without care for colour or religion?

I will assume you just made a mistake. I will assume it, of course, once you take your ad out of BusTV and stop implicitly supporting this attack upon the human rights of citizens.

PS: Oops! SOS racismo has answered my email and stated they have no knowledge of such and ad. I am pretty sure that I am not mistaken, but my disgust for ads on public transportations (and the fact that I mostly hear them, not look at them) may have caused me to confuse them with some other association of the same type. I will clarify this tomorrow, until then consider this post as an un-confirmed rumour, with apologies if I do turn out to be mistaken.

UPDATE: The ad was not running today anymore, so I couldn't confirm the logo on it, but I asked another passenger if she remembered the ad and she said she remembered it clearly and that the logo was indeed from "SOS racismo". So this isn't really proof, but either we are all going senile or "SOS racismo"'s right hand doesn't know what the left is doing...I still haven't heard back from them, so I'll just wait...

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