Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happy to be a sheep

"I've seen the future baby: it is murder"-Leonard Cohen

Some people are just happy to be sheep.

In this boring questionaire at reader's digest some Portuguese guy actually elected BusTV as a reason for liking the bus. He answers, to the question "What is your preferred type of public transportation?":

(The Bus)"because it invested in the future by introducing BusTV and (...) air conditioning."

Well, I've seen the Future, baby: It is murder.

I am still wondering if he wasn't a troll payed by BusTV to spread the meme. Adding insult to injury, not only have the Bus operators recently increased their fares, now they claim that BusTV is one of the benefits we get from those increased fares and subsequent investiment, while actually BusTV brings them revenue at the expense of our rights.

Then again, maybe he is being sincere. Who knows what they are putting into that conditioned air!

And, indeed, some people are just happy to be sheep.

(image depicts new safety straps and protective head gear to be introduced into the Bus of "the future")


appa said...

Well. It's really funny isn't it? Now you cannot escape the TV. Dont switch us on? We will switch you on, instead. We switch you to peddle our commodities: disposable music, and ADs, lot and lots of ads. Submit. Resitance is futile.

You just give us your wallet and we will manage it for you.

Dosteivesky's Grand Inquisitor is right on the target. People abhor freedom. They prefer to be told what to do instead of making their on decisions. It's Nietzsche, Sartre & Kaufmann insights. Decidophobia as an epidemic.

This is not going anywhere unless there's some violence involved. Unless one of these days the TV on the bus is destroyed.

What pisses me off, is not the MCO TVs or Bus TVs of this world. There always have been greedy slobs, like the smart asses behind this shit. What pisses me off, is that most people "like" the shit they are fed, and think it to be a feast fit for the gods.

Even if they like it. It's their problem. But I hate it. I find it digusting. It interferes with my personal freedom. Don't expect the thugs that go by the name of politicians to do anyhting. They have a chauffer payed by you and me, so they don't experience this shit on their skin. It'$ not in their radar.

Meee, meee, meee.

OMWO said...

>What pisses me off, is that most people "like" >the shit they are fed, and think it to be a >feast fit for the gods.

Well, in fact these things should not depend on what a few people like or even what the majority likes. It is just like smoking in a public transportation. You just can't do it, even if the majority wants to smoke, simply because you cannot impose your disturbing habits on even a single citizen who dislikes it. the bus is a public utility, it has to be (properly) available to *all* citizens.

I'll give you an example of one measure I'd find acceptable. Put an on/off button on each seat, and the sound only works if all buttons are on. If even one passenger wants silence, he just presses his own off button and the bus goes silent. If everybody wants to hear the crappy BusTV histrionics then nobody presses the off button and the sound stays. Simple, fair, and cheap to implement.

>Don't expect the thugs that go by the name of >politicians to do anyhting.

True, they won't act of their own free will. But they may be forced to act by adequate political pressure. I was counting on my more politically-minded friends (hint,hint) who have a taste for public protest (hint bloody hint!) to take the cause as their own.

Remember that all the anti-snoking measures also passed, dispite great preassure from powerfull tobacco companies.

It may be different now, because I think we are falling out of capitalism and into something rather different, that I would call corporate feudalism. The symptom of this is that comapnies no longer seduce consumers - they just bully and sue them into submission.

Cases such as these are symptomatic of how much corporations own the government now, and how political power is just a puppet king in a land of unaccountable barons.

>This is not going anywhere unless there's >some violence involved. Unless one of these >days the TV on the bus is destroyed.

Careful. You don't want to be accused of fomenting or justifying terrorism, do you? :)

I think there's no need for any of that. send emails to Vimeca and the other bus companies, to political parties, to the businesses that are advertising on the bus - tell them you hate their products when you see them there, tell them it's really bad publicity and will hurt their bottom line.

use their own stupid fashionable TV-drone terms: tell them it "infringes on your human rights", tell them it "hurts the bloody children", tell them it is "TERRORISM" - yeah, that's it, tell them its fucking terrorism against the bloody children. (Don't say "bloody terrorism against the fucking children" - using the word "fucking" next to the word "children" might gramatically break too many taboos in a single phrase, ans summon the wrong type of google hits :))) (this is why i'll never be a politician, I always have to interrupt a carefully worded argument with some adolescent wisecrack)

Wait until all that fails before you go and get the guillotine :p

Anonymous said...

pluri(harmonia + conformidade), beeeee