Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why We Fight

Why do we fight? What is the issue?

We take arms against an abomination that goes by the name of BusTV. The concept is simple: the daily users of public buses are easy victims once they enter them. As soon as you cross the threshold you are snugly fitted into a prison of glass and metal within which you have no ability to evade whatever your hosts choose to throw at you. You are sequestered. So they place this big television screen at the front of the bus, and spend the whole day repeating this tape they call “BusTV”, that consists of nothing but repetitive adds intermixed with obnoxious jingles and sorry excuses for interviews, game shows, whatever. The ads are really all that matters.

Now, the special twist is – unlike other long-range buses that have television screens, this Bus TV emits its sound not through optional earphones – but through a series of common speakers embedded in the walls- so you have to listen to this drivel whether you want it or not.

The trap is perfect. Since most operators enjoy a practical monopoly over their routes, there is really nothing to do, for most people, except put up with it every day, twice a day.

Can you imagine? A once relaxing trip to the office is now a hell on wheels, where twice a day you must hear the same repetitive ads, over and over, many times in each trip, until you know them by heart, until you cannot take them out of your head, until they make your brain bleed, until you hear them in your dreams.

This is cruel and unusual punishment. This should be forbidden for the exact same reason that it is forbidden to smoke in a bus – because you cannot leave by your own means. You cannot avoid it. You are trapped. This is bad for you brain. This makes people angry. This disturbs the peace. It is an affront, an attack, an aggression to the paying public and it has to be stopped.

Unless we have indeed became all slaves. All serfs. All sheep.

BusTV is a form of torture inflicted upon the citizens. It is mind control. It is brainwashing. It must be banned from public transportation by force of law.

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