Friday, July 07, 2006

FootBall - Part 1 (The Feet)

Thanks to Marcela Mora who linked the shrug post from the Guardian.

Dedicated to her and to all the Guardian readers who may be around, here is a small collection of old drawings from this blog that quite after the fact have everything to do with "the beautiful game".

It actually comes in two parts. Part 1, is, of course, the feet.

Can you guess what is part 2? Guess again :)

1 comment:

OMWO said...

The cute little feet of the lower pics may not be much good in a football match, for all I know, but they look just peachy jumping up and down whenever the home team scores a goal :)

Frankly, just about the prettiest I've seen, my dear. I could draw them all day :)(if you'd only manage to sort of stand still for a sec! :))