Saturday, July 15, 2006

Immigration, racism and all that jive

For the Right, there is no such thing as racism.
The Right pretends to close the doors, but turns a blind eye and sends for yet more illegal immigrants that it uses to pocket a few more bucks. It has a sort-of-a-plan to send them back after it uses them. It is only a sort of a plan. It really sort of knows it will not work, but it really sort of doesn't give a flying fuck. The Right has no master plan, it is a patchwork of greedy middle-aged fat men who put their friends in cushy jobs and sleeps with fat greedy hysterical wives at night and suffers from a low dick to car size ratio. What if those people will have no jobs later? What if they get angry? Fuck that. The Right only thinks short term. The Right has firmly bolted doors and lives only in the good neighbourhoods.

For the Left, everything is racism.
The Lefties like to pretend to be the immigrants only friends. It makes them feel superior to say they are equal, ten times a day until nobody - especially the immigrants - can't fucking stand them. The left has found that the pesky locals won't vote for them in free elections. The horror! It has sort of an unstated plan to replace this ungrateful gene pool for another that will vote for them. Get more illegal immigrants, defend their legalization, therefore ensuring their vote. Voters as an imported commodity. The far Right says the Left's masterplan is therefore a sort of genocyde with displacement replaced by replacement. Fools! The Left has no master plan. It is a patchwork of self-deluding old farts who think they are fighting fascism and that Stalin was a nice bloke, and spoiled young brats who want to fuck their Right Wing parents by playing Che and feel opressed while they're not partying on friday night or buying IPods. Though badly dressed and in no need of fast cars they'll sort of scrounge up a few cushy political places to replace actual work while deriding anybody else who doesn't join the party (note the word) for not being "politically active". Hey, get a clue, for some reason they're called "the workers". Like, thet're busy working! They've no time for partying, Fools!


OMWO said...

Oh, yeah, by the way, you may ask, "and where do you stand on this important issue"?

I "stand" around delighted at all the imported russian, chinese, African, and above all, Brazilian girls walking around Lisbon :) (I think Portugal justified the Empire and it's almost 1000 years of existence by creating the Brazilian Girl(tm))

I think we sorely need to improve the economy so that we prevent the Brazilian girls from going back home (it is starting to happen :( ) and instead get some badly needed influx of japanese immigrants.

So desu ne!

OMWO said...

oh, and to make room for all these imports, I propose we export all the pesky professional politicians. ASAP.