Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's the people, stupid

Yes, I am angry. I have grown tired of the hipocrisy and arrogance on both Left and Right. And I have become too bitter to just laugh as I used to. Won't you self-deluding bastards come to the realization that no, implementing your regime will not make life better. Capitalism and Communism are just economic theories. They are NOT what matters. It's the people, stupid. It is the individuals and their actions. You can have a dictator in any regime.

Communism, by itself, will always degenerate into an opressive bureaucratic dictatorship.

Capitalism, by itself, will always degenerate into Corporate Feudalism.

Unlike Newton's solar system, the political system is unstable, and its planets need constant intervention in order to remain stable. Those interventions only by accident come from the political parties. When they happen, they happen in spite of the parties. They are the actions of individuals, pushing this way and that. There is no masterplan. Because there are thousands of masterplans. It's not that conspiracy theories are wrong. The problem is that they're ALL right. All of them. At the same time.

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