Saturday, July 15, 2006

is this the best you can do?

Bush went in, he didn't give a shit. Cowboy boots and all, let's kick some ass. Now, where we had a harmless dictatorship, we have a chaotic state that is about to fall to the islamists.

The Right doesn't give a shit. It just wants out.

The Left doesn't give a shit. It just wants the Right out. It thinks it can make some new friends...the Left is making too many Islamist friends for my taste. Wasn't the Left supposed to be progressive, rational, even "scientific"? How the fuck can "progressive, rational, scientific" people support religious nuts, and think that Capitalism is more dangerous to Humanity than radical Islamism?

We should never have gone in. We should have left long ago. But we didn't. Thank Bush for that. Now, please, there must be something better to do in Iraq than just pack up and leave it to the Islamists. The massacre we'll be watching is of course much to the delight of the Left. It won. It proved Bush wrong (oh, that's hard). It cares nothing about the blood that will be spilled, it will shake its head disaprovingly while glorying in the graphic details of its victory.

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