Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lies, Damned Lies, and Religion

"Don't you think it's a coincidence that the victim's body fell perfectly within the chalk outline?"
-The Pink Panther (remake)

Whoever had any concept of there being at least some honesty amidst the primitive stupidity of supposed Muslim rage, should be giving up that notion right now. There is nothing new and nothing special about these cartoons. The whole dirty thing is staged.

Right in the middle of Ramadan, on October 2005 an Egyptian newspaper could publish the accursed cartoons without consequence. Where was the outrage?

In the West, you can find dozens of representations of the prophet (they can be found around the net, just search on peer-to-peer) on various western publications (for instance, but not only, on the covers of various books concerning Islam).

You can find dozens of pictures of the prophet in museum exhibits, some of those being ancient pictures done by Muslims when the taboo was not - as in fact it IS still not - as absolute as one might think. Hell, you can even buy such pictures at the bazaars of the holy city of Qom, in Iran, bought and sold by the faithful.
And what about the fact that even South Park had a go at caricaturing the prophet some time ago to an audience of billions, with no uproar worthy of mention?

So innocuous were in fact the Danish cartoons that the radicals who incited these protests felt the need to fake three more - these ones really badly drawn and far more offensive - just to make sure to stir up some decent rage. The funny thing is that those three cartoons - including the very badly drawn one one calling the prophet a pedophile - were probably done by Islamic radicals. Did they cut their own hands afterwards in anger, I wonder?

What is the inescapable conclusion?

That the current violent protests are not only stupid and murderous but staged, on cue, and after months of negligible spontaneous reaction, by radical Islamic authorities that drive their faithful like cattle. Lies, damned lies, and religion.

That western politicians, including the Bush administration, should be groveling in such a shameful way to the whims of hysterical zealots and murderers is beyond shameful. A Portuguese politician recently likened the actions of the cartoonists to the actions of the Muslim radicals. I would advise him (and all others like him) that if he is going to be sodomized in our collective name, at least he should first get a map, since he can't get a clue, and do it while facing Mecca.

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