Tuesday, February 21, 2006

God says He's Sorry - I'm sorry too, Baby, but that's too little too late

Yes it is, you fucking bastard
Expect no mercy from me
I hope it drives you to the bottle
I hope it drives you to your grave
They should have known your heart
when you nailed your bastard son to the cross
for a cheap PR stunt
they should have known your heart
but they always forgive the rich spoiled brats
you were always the popular one, weren't ya?
you have that constant pout
and the greed and the monogamic drive
and the holier-than-thou attitude
and the alpha male posture
voted most likely to succeed
in being an asshole
I'll tell you what
you miserable senile old fart
if you'll stop buggering
those fetal cherubs for a sec
I'll let you in on a secret
Here it goes
I fucked your wife
when you were away on business
she still dreams of me sometimes
when she can't bear your face
and she wonders how she ended like this
I cannot bear your face
just wait 'till I get my hands on you
I'll take away that alpha male stance
I'll crack the obligatory square chin
that never knew a real fight
I'll show you how a man suffers
I'll show you how a man stands
I'll show you how a man bleeds


God's Wrath said...

Shame upon thee, thou naughty boy. Despite it all...reason and heart stand by Me, as I know that, as a certain sort of gentle whisper softly reaches out to thee, a ray of smooth, solid warmth through thy for now somewhat fiercely unsettled soul shall break

OMWO said...

You are quite expressive tonight, Old One. I could almost forgive you. Almost. You make me wonder about the face behind the mask. Drop me a line if you will.

I'll still take your wife for seconds, though. That's life, I guess.

Stejahen said...

Why are you getting so angry at someone you know doesn't exist? Classic atheism, there is no god and I hate him. It's natural to hate God, but you might pretend like you hate the men who 'made' him instead, that would look a little more rational.

OMWO said...

I don't hate God. He just makes for great target practice :)


I don't know for a fact that he doesn't exist. I just don't know for a fact that he does.


what do you mean he doesn't exist? He answered the post. Or at least his wrath did.

or, seriously,

it is just a great metaphor for the "the way things are". Substitute "God" for "the laws of physics plus the initial conditions" and you'll be on my wavelength.


the aspect of rationality is overrated :)

Anonymous said...

structured elegance constitutes a fine basis for a sound argument...reductionisms aside, that is:)