Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In Memoriam

Radical Islamists tell us that they are shocked by the drawings of the prophet. It strikes their sensibilities. Apparently pictures can hurt. I agree. Let me show you how much I agree.

With all this talk of martyrs of this and that, it is right about time to remember Theo Van Gogh, martyr of free speech. Assassinated by radical Islamist Mohammed Bouyeri on November 2004 for daring to criticize Islam. How's this picture for shock value? How does it strike your delicate sensibilities?

Is this the face of Islam? Or is it better portrayed by the riots, the death threats, the fear, the terror now spreading? Is this all that Islam has to give? The fear of speaking, writing, drawing, living freely among people of foreign countries?

Why should we then be interested in opening our doors to it?

Haven't we taken enough of another primitive middle-eastern, oppressive religion? Haven't we paid dearly enough for what freedoms we have? Do we need another mad, power-hungry parasitic priesthood to tell us what to do, what to think, who to fuck, how to feel? Enough, I say. Enough. We have expelled the crucified from the seat of power. We do not need the prophet in his place. The West will not become a theocracy. Better to let it all come down in pieces than to regress that much into the dark.

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