Friday, October 28, 2005

on the move

Exercise in drawing as an extreme sport: Follow behind a walking stranger, drawing as he/she goes. Try to keep a steady hand and casual look, and avoid being arrested as a paparazzi/weirdo/stalker. Good training for a would-be private eye (or paparazzi/weirdo/stalker, of course). The artistic value of this? Good for learning how to freeze a motion and/or compose a picture from various brief and slightly inconsistent frames.

Oh, hell, I just do it for the fun!


OMWO said...

yes, yes, yes, the legs are shifted to the right, I know goddammit, I've been under a lot of stress lately so don't push me, mate, ok !?!?

Oh well, Extreme Sports are not relaxing :)

OMWO said...

They are also shifted down. That is one of the reasons one often draws what one cannot see. I should have drawn the main anatomical landmarks under those clothes and then drawn what I was seeing on top of those landmarks. But I intended an exercise more in the line of blind drawing (sort of), and that is not something that works so well on the move.
This should also remind us of the limitations of the "drawing what you see" mantra. "Drawing what you see" and "drawing what you know" are philosophies that complement each other.