Sunday, October 30, 2005

O. (1)

"O." was both a pleasure and a challenge to draw. She would adopt the most interesting and elegant poses, and keep them only for a couple of seconds. I was actually first drawn to the clear spacing between the hairline and the ear, often so hard to see and here so clear due to the way she held her hair up high. But then it was the motion that got to me, so fast and varied and unpredictable. Look at the way she held one thumb in the other. Delightful, and lasting what, a whole ten seconds? The face is wrong, I am afraid. I could only see her for a moment when she detected me and then quickly looked away. After that I couldn't really correct it, because you couldn't stop smiling, could you, O.? :)


Anonymous said...

I really couldn´t. I´m so really happy to stop smiling. But not smiling, laughing.
It´s a so really beatiful place this. See you next week

OMWO said...

I'm glad you are enjoying our little corner of the world :)
Keep smiling, have a good trip, and see you soon :)