Sunday, October 30, 2005

O. (3)

O. leaning against a wall, not drawn, near her right shoulder.
Exercise in composition: can you detect what makes this pose so interesting? there is a clear dominant curve that defines the whole figure in a single swooping motion. Can you see it?
"It is simply a confortable position."-she said.
Yes, and as a friend of mine who's into Yoga would probably say, we spend a lot of effort constraining our bodies into very rigid, very uncomfortable, very ugly positions. There is a social tendency for the straight line that functionally and aesthetically belongs maybe in architecture (and even there only sometimes) but not in anatomy. Gravity, muscle and bone, left to themselves, find aesthetics very easily, in curves such as these.

Details: the hands, folded back below the wrist make a lovely whirly stop to the motion of the arm. Many lines and planes - the arms, the end of the jacket, the imaginary line from the shoulder blade that envelops the ribcage and emerges beneath the breast, the plane of the shoulder girdle, etc. crisscross the main curve, giving variety and balance to the pose.

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