Monday, July 18, 2005

Preamble to the exercise:

outline of a hand(red)

contour of a hand(yellow)

There are zones on a body that are naturally represented by contours on a piece of paper. This is symbolic too, but at a very low-level. You do not need to be taught what I mean by contour since your visual brain already has special circuitry designed to detect contours. You may need however to be advised that by contour I do not mean outline. A simple example will suffice. Watch these photographs for examples of outline versus contour. In red you see the outline. It is a single line, the border of the projection of the hand onto the plane of the picture. In yellow you see the contour. Unlike outline, Contour gives you information about all three dimensions of an object, about aspects of its surface and about its spatial orientation and its bulk. I have drawn only a few of the lines. You can draw hundreds, depending only on how closely you are prepared to look. As you can see, contour lines have a beginning and an end. They often, but not always, disappear behind other contour lines (sometimes they just fade - the distinction will matter for the exercise). Contour lines are not projection border lines, but lines that you would naturally follow by using your sense of touch if you were caressing the surface. They include lines were curvature changes abruptly, like crests and folds. They include the border itself, although not as a simple uninterrupted line. Isn’t it true that you naturally follow the border with your fingers when you caress someone? Here you look at the border as that part of the picture where the object turns away from you and hides behind its own front plane, creating an inticing jump in colour and a line of high contrast against the background. Lovers are expert at following such lines with their fingers. When in doubt, hire them as consultants...


MaDi said...

Estou com uma certa falta de tempo, mas vou fazer. :)

MaDi said...

Por acaso tenho-me esquecido de dizer isto.
Tens uma mão (sim, porque só mostras uma) bonita.