Tuesday, July 05, 2005


We are approaching the fateful hour when a bunch of morally bankrupt Bureaucrats on the European Comission may be about to launch us into a US-style patent hell. This Wednesday, on July the 6th, the European Parliament will have the last chance to prevent this. To do so, 367 of the 732 members must be present and vote for the right amendments. Thanks to the machinations of the Commission, absentees count in their favour, so it's going to be a hard one..

I wrote about this here, but only in Portuguese. You will probably be better served by going here or here if you want to be informed about what is at stake.

No more updates in this blog until Wednesday, as a symbolic protest against this miserable mess.


wei said...

OMWO! Disfarce! Venho incógnita. Deixei uma coisinha para si no Hotel. (Ainda não sei fazer links, tem de ser assim, esta trabalheira toda.)

wei said...

dica (porque tenho medo que a coisinha que lá deixei se afogue por debaixo de outros posts): ler carta de Macha para o pequeno Nils

Anonymous said...

Felicidades por tener un excelente sitio web!!!!

Muchos Saludos,

Profesora Grahasta

Anonymous said...

para assistir em directo à discussão e votação no parlamento europeu:


nas ACTIVIDADES, escolher:
e depois:
assistir em directo.

OMWO said...

Obrigado pelo link, caro anonimo.

Anonymous said...

de nada A.