Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Go sit in the corner, Olmert, you bad, bad boy

...and don't do it again.

Now, really...you had everyone behind you. The lefties, the Rabis, everyone. Fuck, you even had me, for Christ (oops!) sakes!
Morals are open to infinite debates that never get anywhere, Olmert, but results are more clear cut. And in that respect, honey, you just didn't cut mustard. You didn't do your homework, did you? You flashed the soft underbelly of the dragon, you broke the myth - once well deserved - of Israel military might by being so afraid to lose a few men in a determined effective action - instead bogging them down in hesitations while allowing Hezbollywood to turn the whole world against you with your clumsy ineffective air strikes...Dear Olmert, you cannot afford to be the USA, you cannot afford to fear a few casualties (hell, even the USA are not the USA anymore), you are surrounded by enemies - you must be Spartans or you must perish. I am sure you could make a nice peacetime PM for some place or other, but guess what - this is not peace time. Nor will it be anytime soon. Learn to be a Spartan, Olmert, or else let somebody else do the job.
You still have a chance, Olmert. Maybe they will allow you to learn (that's what school is for, isn't it?). History says they will probably not keep their part in that UN deal you so desperately grasped while Hezzy Cheerleaders all over the world laughed at you. What will you do then? Will you be able to handle that better? More than your precious grades are at stake, Olmert. Please do your homework this time.

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