Thursday, August 03, 2006

The further adventures of Sir Green Helmet

an OMWO cartoon based on a painting of Mr. Dujardin (in postumous colaboration), being

the graphical telling of the heart-wrenching story of The further adventures of Sir Green Helmet in the kingdom of Lebanon, alternatively know as The Overmilking of the Qana Cow.


carla said...

Lol, whatever the merits of the conspiracy theory, Nasrallah as a milking girl is just...
priceless :)

OMWO said...

Who? I have no idea what you mean. Beyond Sir green Helmet, Bleeding Knight of Lebanon, the only person in that picture is Mr. Milksheik Nazirallah, producer of this HezzBollywood Blockbuster.

Being such a hands-on kinda guy, he also did the casting