Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bring out yer Dead...

cartoon by OMWO

Bring out yer dead...and your cameras, please!

Dedicated to Sir Green Helmet, Bleeding Heart Knight of Lebanon, who is always at the right place and the right time, both in Qana I and its Hezbollywood sequel Qana II, to bring the dead into their resting place....repeatedly...and with time to pick and choose among items of his lavish wardrobe.

(With Thanks to Monty Python - see you in court :p)

Ok, so it was a dirty photoshop job, but, as Sir Green Knight would say, somebody had to do it! And Hezzy cheerleaders are easy on suspension of disbelief anyway :p

PS: To those without a sense of humour:

This DOES NOT mean that I fully believe this particular conspiracy theory. In fact i fully believe that conspiracy theories (and reputable news, btw) are like Rorschach tests anyway. You are never given enough information to decide what is true or not. Yet, upon equal information, some people will see the kitten and others will see the dog - immediately, and without question. The test is useful not to discover the nature of the inkblot, but to illuminate the nature of the viewer.

How do you know who your Papa is? Cause your mommy told ya.
In the end, you just have to go on trust. That is why rational discourse is often so useless in politics.

As for the matter at hand, it is of little import. From other more reputable sources and clearer situations it is clear that such Hezzbollywood productions and dirty tactics are a common feature in the war of images. And no offense to "Sir Green Helmet" if he turns out to be who he is supposed to be - though I have my doubts.

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