Friday, January 20, 2006

Goldberg Variations

On the street the other day, a close encounter of the rare kind. Standing around, drawing and whistling to myself. Suddenly there is somebody looking over my shoulder.

-I can't believe you are actually whistling the Goldberg Variations.

-I can't believe you recognized it.

-You actually had about 10% of the notes right. Haven't you ever heard of iPods?

-I'm too cheap. Whistling is free...I think. Are you going to charge me a copyright or something? Are you a musician?

-I'm a model. But I play the harpsichord for fun. Not very well.

-Congratulations. I hate people who play well. They steal the spotlight from my whistling.

-What are you drawing?

-Spirals. Well, curls, sort of. I'd like to do for curls what Leonardo did for vortices. Can I draw your curls, by the way?

-I'm too expensive, and you're cheap, remember?

Intelligence is usually the first casualty of extreme beauty, but L. had them both. I wish I had the drawing to post (I'm back to drawing people) but she kept it. Her red curls and pearl white skin needed Leonardo, not me.

Dear L. ,were I 20 cm taller, 10 years younger, 30 IQ points smarter, and actually not gay(*), you'd never escape me :))

(*)-just kidding. I mean, you'd still escape me :)


OMWO said...

Oh, I was whistling the piano version, by the way :)

Heloísa said...

"were I (...) actually not gay(*), you'd never escape me :))
(*)-just kidding. I mean, you'd still escape me :)"

é por estas e por outras que eu não gosto de gajas - mais tarde ou mais cedo dão-nos sempre a facadinha nas costas

OMWO said...


eu, pessoalmente, adoro-as :)

Anonymous said...

Lol. You are *not* gay! I could tell :))
Loved the blog.
PS: It was more like 20% :)

OMWO said...

I may be. You have to notice the subtle signs:

1-An indifference to expensive sports cars.

2-A deep dislike for football.

What more do you need? Oh, that and of course, the little matter of the receptive anal sex thingy, but that may not mean anything, let's not jump to conclusions :)))

So, now that we've determined I'm clearly gay, we can go out and do girly things, like shopping for clothes. And I can watch you in the changing room, since I'll be just like one of your girlfriends, right? :)))

Come on, it will be fun :)

PS: So, when will you scan that drawing for me?

Anonymous said...

Haha :)
Still not convinced, sorry. I check on all those points too, and I am not gay! ;)
So you stay out of the changing room for now! :)
Anyway, I'm sick of clothes, I would rather go and see that Bosch you told me about before I leave.
About the drawing, don't you dare posting it, you promised! Yes I'm very very paranoid :). You can have the scan for yourself, but you must promise! I'll make you sign a non-disclosure :)

BTW, where's your email address?


Anonymous said...

Nevermind, I found it.
Dumb broad! :)