Friday, January 20, 2006

Corporate Tax

The price of blank media, such as blank CDs for instance, often includes a tax which is given to the music industry. The music industry requested this as a so-called compensation for lost sales due to piracy.(the amount of lost sales is, BTW, estimated in the most fantastic ways, such as making believe that every pirated CD corresponds to a CD that would have been bough legally otherwise, ignoring the difference in price and the absolute value of the total funds available to the buyer). What this effectively means is that when I buy a blank CD, I am actually buying a bit of a Britney Spears CD, which I absolutely would never buy in a million years. Even if I am using the CD to store my own personal photos, data, whatever.

Now, in a new development along the same lines, UK film and TV producers want a special tax on digital recorders.

Capitalism is dead. Welcome to Corporate Feudalism. Corporations do not have to captivate you with advertising anymore, they now own the state. Whatever money they fail to brainwash out of your pocket, they'll take from you by force of law. Like it or not, you will buy Britney's shit. They own the politicians, they own the law. Get used to it. Wake up to it.

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