Monday, June 20, 2005


This very pretty young girl was having lunch not very far away from me. I couldn't resist a quick sketch over the lunch table. She was a very shy, very sweet girl, who, I think, would never have asked me to see the drawing, even though it was clear she had noticed me doing it. But, as I was about to leave, a very bold friend of her came over and asked to see it. She made this very funny remark: "You know, she has a twin sister, and this looks EXACTLY like her!". I didn't know exactly what to think of that strange remark, but I guess I must not be doing so bad if it looks like her twin! Unless they aren't identical twins, in which case I can at least brag of a perfect telepatic drawing! :)
Anyway, T., it was long ago and I know I promised to send you the drawing. Took a bit longer than I hoped, but here it is... Posted by Hello

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