Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Red Queen is all hot and ready to go

Right on queue with my previous post, "off with their heads" is chanted on the streets of London. For the record, when I mentioned the guillotine I wasn't thinking of the fossilized remnants of the old feudal lords (good for tourism and tabloids), I had in mind the new ones, who truly are begging for it.

Though it is a thing of beauty to see how the charming prince initially had his window half open, perhaps to show how confident he was of the love of the proles? Did he expect them to erupt in applause? Yes, great show of judgement, in older days the Royal family showed support for the people by staying in London during the bombings, now it does so by driving by in a Rolls Royce on the way to the Palladium to get their asses kissed and entertained by giddy "artists", escorted by state funded police, right in the face of protesters who just got their futures ruined by the supposed need to save money at all costs. Yeah, that had to work. No need to guillotine these idiots, they have no heads on their shoulders anyway.

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