Friday, November 26, 2010

going down

In these most interesting days we now live in, we find ourselves questioning the very basis for our way of life. Oh, not whether our present life and our future plans were really ever worthwile, but simply whether or not they are tenable. Some find their great master plans unravelling, some others find that even the simple plans, the mere enjoyment of an ordinary human life - or what in the West we came to call normal, in our once privileged cocoon - become suddenly tenuous at best. A friend tells me that the future will be a time for re-embracing mysticism - I shudder at the thought. I agree however that the future may be a time to retreat within - but not to Religion, to astrology, to witch doctors, to "belief", that most primitive human pharmacology, but to those things that we can really rely on and don't require too much of a financial burden: rational thought, philosophy, the pleasures of the flesh, and, last but never least, the box of crayons.

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