Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen...

...Mr Leonard Cohen.

Leonard was kind enough to visit all of us, yesterday, in Lisbon, by the river Tagus.
This morning we all woke up a bit dazed. I tried to describe it to a friend, but failed in the attempt. Around tea time these doodles came out. I decided to leave them here so that a few years from now this will remind me of a special evening.

Yes, Leonard, you left us all satisfied. Farewell.

ps: Apropos, My 23 year old friend, who is pretty hot, says she would still (totally) do you ;) (yeah, I'll slip you her number - it seems it's true, you do live forever when you wrote a line or two!)


A friend said...

I believe (or want to believe) I´m the friend you're talking about (not the 23 year old hot friend but the other one who wasn't lucky enough to be there with you all). True, you weren't generous with your words the way you usually are but it must have been quite something since everyone I hear about that concert seems to be as dazzled as you. I had to put together the random pieces of the puzzle you guys fed me with to try to imagine how it was like... Oh, I wish I were there...
About the drawings, how could you even question the resemblance to the old man? You caught him quite well. Nothing to fear, my dear ;)

OMWO said...

You are indeed the other friend (not the hot friend, you are the hottest friend!) ;)

Would you do Leonard too? No, you are too discreet to confess such things to an audience!

I wish you had seen him too...I will do my best, as soon as the daze passes, to come up with the right words to hand that evening to you as crisply and as surely as if you had been there.

It was really quite wonderful. And you know I am not the groupie type :p, so it must be true!

Thanks for saying hello, by the way. My captain's log is now ten times as pretty as it was before you marked it with your oh so delicate footsteps :)