Friday, May 16, 2008

30 minutes female nude in coloured pencil (2)


Mick said...

Great stuff Omwo. I came to your blog via Illustration Art expecting a science based thing and discovered this! Love it. Makes me want to go back to life classes.
Keep drawing.

OMWO said...

>expecting a science based thing

Well...the drawing above this one (the one with clothes on :)) is kind of science based as it was done during a mathematics seminar :)

This blog is a mix of different things, mostly it's a place to keep the quick sketches I do on the subway and stuff like that, but it includes lots of other random things like a partial record of my life drawing classes. Mostly I've been keeping the science out of it, though, although I was planning a series of posts on optics and scientific color theory. Maybe one of these days :)

>Keep drawing.

I couldn't keep myself from doing that, even if I wanted to! :)

Thanks for the visit!