Saturday, October 27, 2007


Having a bad day. Spilled Cola on my laptop, unplugged it immediately, turned over to let it spill, left it to dry...and 20 minutes later realized that the damned battery was still in. Poor I'll wait 24 hours to see if it will manage to survive or if I shorted it to death.
Next, went to check on my backup, an external Western Digital...and it's dead! Bloody hell! It was working just last week!
I have years of work on those two drives, and lots of drawings. And pictures, memories, some not backed up anywhere else.

Yet, what is strange is this...somehow... I am feeling very cool about it. I know years ago I'd be out of my mind. Not now.

Is it possible that I am finally accepting mortality?


Luis said...

Achei piada à descrição do perfil. Não é por nada, mas tenho problemas de ortografia, e às vezes dou por mim a procastinar.

Joana said...

pictures with me too? memories with me too................?