Sunday, June 18, 2006

Musical indiscretions (1)

In a physical sense, listening to a concert is quite a static experience (mentally, of course, listening can and should be quite active). Often I find that state of physical inertia (and also the excessive rest of my visual brain) somewhat disturbing. The best way for me to listen to classical music is to sketch at the same time. Then the whole experience becomes quite vibrant. I find that the hand moves at the sound of the music - literally dances along with it - very naturally, and the nature of the line changes with it. Like the grooves in a vinyl record, the drawing keeps a physical imprint of the transient sounds - sometimes I wonder if I could read the music back on a microscope! Although sometimes the act of drawing will distract me from the act of listening, at its best it will merge with and actually enhance my awareness of the music, creating something altogether more resonant.


tigre said...

"Although sometimes the act of drawing will distract me from the act of listening (...)"

Que alívio! Já estava a ficar preocupada! Um homem a fazer duas coisas ao mesmo tempo?! (Homem, é como quem diz... miúdo, pronto. Depende da idade, claro. A designação. Porque não fazer duas coisas ao mesmo tempo, é indiferente. Acontece sempre, independentemente da idade. Gostei de escrever independentemente. independentemente. seguidinho. nem parei para ler e saiu bem! independentemente. Oh! outra vez! vê-se logo que não sou homem. Consigo escrever rápido e certo!)

Anonymous said...
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